“Games” Using ERC-721 Take the “Fun” Out of Non-Fungible

Unless you were living in one of John McAfee’s underground bunkers for the past nine months, you might recall that back in October of 2017, a new distributed application built on the Ethereum network called “CryptoKitties” had been released. For the first time, socially retarded ultra high net worth individuals (or “SRUHNWIs”) could throw their money […]

ICO Review: Pitch

According to its website, “PITCH allows innovative entrepreneurs to quickly launch token sales and sell a portion of tokens via live video pitches to seasoned business experts.” Given that a vast majority of ICOs right now suck ass 🍑 and the projects they’re funding are doomed to fail, can anyone possibly think a blockchain-based solution designed to make it even easier to launch an ICO is a good idea? Well, yes, actually…

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A Thank You Letter to ICObench (sort of)

On April 24, 2018, the ass clowns 🍑🤡 at Tokenicide posted an article called ICObench Warmer that provided clear and convincing evidence that several of the top-rated experts on ICObench were colluding with one another, ensuring that if a blockchain startup hired several of them for their advisory board, other ICObench experts would be sure to […]

Wham Bam Exit Scam: Redefining “Scam” ICOs

On April 18, 2018, a German startup company named Savedroid appeared to pull an ICO “exit scam” when they suddenly posted images on their website suggesting they had taken all of the money contributed so far and disappeared with it. It turns out, however, that this was merely a publicity stunt to shine a light on […]