Pseudonymous Author of the Libra Whitepaper Revealed!

Craig Wright Gleefully Grudgingly Admits to Being the Real Mark Zuckerberg. Note: Although the Libra Whitepaper’s author is not really pseudonymous, the creator of this meme is. Sort of. We can’t take any credit for it nor can we tell you who can. Sorry. Deal.

The Crisis 10 Years Later – Wall Street’s Dress Code is Still Risky AF

In a Hurry? Don’t Worry. Here’s the TL;DR Version! –  When it comes to Wall Street, if you can’t change the dress code, you’re never going to change the culture.–  Wall Street’s culture loves risk. –  Before 2008, Wall Street’s culture loved risking your financial future for its benefit. –  Ten years later, they’re still […]

ICO Update: EtherInc (aka eInc) or “Can we get a do over?”

The ass clowns 🍑🤡 at Tokenicide recently learned that Ethereum whitepaper appropriating blockchain startup EtherInc (a.k.a. “eInc”) has rescheduled its ICO.


Is it true that the “third time’s the charm?”

Apparently not, because this is the FOURTH public token sale date they have announced…

Angry Face Saying "Are You Fucking Kidding Me"
We wish…

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ICObench: Fall Guy for the ICO Support Service Industry?

On April 24, 2018, we posted an article entitled ICObench Warmer. In that article, we showed how experts at ICO rating site ICObench inflated the ratings of projects they were advising. Since then, several more articles have appeared denouncing what we lovingly refer to as the ICObench "Top-Rated Expert Cabal."

Just like this. Minus (all) the guns. And the awesome hair. Wait a minute…  🤔 This is stupid. Whoever picked this image is so fired. 😤

We are happy to see founders as well as members of the ICO support service industry speaking out against corruption. And ICObench deserve much of the blame.

But not all of it. Not even close.

For us, ICObench was the most obvious example of corruption in the industry and a great way to start the conversation. But it is equally important that ICObench doesn’t simply become the "fall guy" for the real problem...

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Ultimate Douchebag’s Guide to Launching an ICO Part 2: Know Your Audience

There are basically three types of people who invest in ICOs, and if you’re going to ask them to fund your early retirement, you’d better know how to identify and communicate with them. In this installment of the Ultimate Douchebag’s Guide to Launching an ICO, we’ll teach you how to do just that. So quit fucking around and pay attention, douchebags, because this one is well worth its weight in cryptographic tokens.

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ICO Review: RAVN

A few days ago, one of the people we follow on Twitter retweeted something from the account @ravnapp that began with “Who loves a sexy token?” Although we’re not entirely sure why the team behind RAVN chose a middle school student to develop their social media marketing strategy, we think that student deserves an A+ because we were moving faster than a one-legged man at an ass-kicking contest trying to click on that tweet. Sexy token? Yes, please!

So did we actually find a “sexy token” at the RAVN ICO website? That really depends on how you define “sexy.” If by “sexy” you mean a bloated, disgusting abomination that is antithetical to everything blockchain and cryptocurrency supposedly stand for, then yes…

Otherwise, no. Not even close…

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