ICO Review: PinkDate

Anyone who has launched a startup knows that it can be painfully difficult to come up with an elevator pitch that distills everything you’re trying to accomplish down to 5 words. So when you come across a project like PinkDate, which was designed to be”The Silk Road for Hookers,” you really have to wonder what the fuck they were thinking when they decided to go with “Escorting Meets the Sharing Economy” instead. 🤔

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ICOmageddon Cometh?

On May 14, 2018, the obscure and rarely used1 search engine known as “Bing” decided to ban all cryptocurrency advertising, thereby joining the ranks of Facebook, Google, and Twitter, which had each made similar announcements earlier in the year. Although this latest ban applies to all cryptocurrency advertising, the greatest impact will mostly likely be felt by “Initial Coin Offerings,” or “ICOs,” which up until the ban had been the most competitive cryptocurrency-related ad buyers.

Once Bing’s ban is fully implemented, 71.4% of all online advertising “real estate” will be off limits to ICOs.2 Coupled with increasing regulatory scrutiny these past few months, are we finally witnessing the “beginning of the end” for ICOs? Does “ICOmageddon” in fact cometh?

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“Games” Using ERC-721 Take the “Fun” Out of Non-Fungible

Unless you were living in one of John McAfee’s underground bunkers for the past nine months, you might recall that back in October of 2017, a new distributed application built on the Ethereum network called “CryptoKitties” had been released. For the first time, socially retarded ultra high net worth individuals (or “SRUHNWIs”) could throw their money […]