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Anyone who has launched a startup knows that it can be painfully difficult to come up with an elevator pitch that distills everything you’re trying to accomplish down to 5 words. So when you come across a project like PinkDate, which was designed to be”The Silk Road for Hookers,” you really have to wonder what the fuck they were thinking when they decided to go with “Escorting Meets the Sharing Economy” instead. 🤔

It’s not like Sad Whore Website SeekingArrangement, which relies on terms like “Sugar Daddy” and “Sugar Baby” to obfuscate the fact that all of its users are either “Johns” or “Whores.”

Nothing to see here! Sugar dating is NOT prostitution! Totally different. Move along now!

On the contrary, given all the photos of lingerie-clad women in hotel room beds gazing at guys who look like they just finished a long day of networking with other “crypto-ballers” at whatever dime-a-dozen blockchain traveling shitshow conference happened to be in town that week, it’s pretty fucking obvious what PinkDate is selling here.

Nothing to see here! Get your mind out of the gutter! These two are just on a “date.” Move along now!

In fact the only thing more obvious is that only a complete fucking idiot would invest in this thing.

Setting an Example?

There aren’t many positive things we can say about PinkDate, but we have to admit their website and marketing materials are slick af. In addition, they really seem to care about “doing the right thing,” despite certain “obstacles.” For example, even though

[t]here are essentially no countries where PinkDate will be fully legal to operate

they still think it’s important to

focus on doing what’s right for users without being artificially restricted by legality.

After you’ve finished wrapping your brains around that creative use of logic, note that they also seem to care about their potential contributors, stating

ICOs are often a bad deal for investors, with no fundamental value, only speculation. PinkDate is setting an example: investors deserve part of the company they’re investing in.

That’s cool, right? A least it is until you realize that by paying you a dividend each time one of their hoes turns a trick, you’re effectively becoming a shareholder in an international prostitution ring. We’re no experts on how many years you would have to spend in jail for something like that, but you can be sure it will be long enough for the judge to be “setting an example” out of you as well.

Dolemite got sent up the river for 20 years for his involvement in a prostitution ring. Unless you have an army of hookers with black belts in kung-fu at your disposal, don’t expect to be getting out early.

If for some reason the likelihood of going to jail even if PinkDate is wildly successful isn’t enough to discourage you, let’s look at what happens if it’s not wildly successful…

Anonymous af

Since the vast majority of most ICO-funded projects fail, you may be wondering what would happen if PinkDate were to fail? There are several reasons to assume that PinkDate will not be successful. But the most important reason can be found on their website:

PinkDate is an anonymously operating agency. The individuals responsible for the core platform functions (server hardware, data management, core software) remain anonymous. We accomplish this via a combination of deep privacy tech and strict operating procedures

Wasn’t there another anonymously operating platform recently? What was that called again?

Oh yeah! Wassa Wassa Wassa Wassa Wassssup BITCONNECT!!!

Hopefully we need not say more..

And Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Worse

Shortly after we started reviewing the PinkDate website and whitepaper, it became obvious that a good review was out of the question. However, we still wanted to find SOMETHING good to say about it. And at first glance, we almost got duped into saying something good about this:

Everyone hates sex trafficking, so if PinkDate wants to fight it, that’s great, right?. At least in theory, the answer is yes. But just like everything else related to PinkDate, once you really started to think about it, you realize it is complete and utter bullshit.

Sex trafficking typically means using force, fraud or coercion to manipulate someone to engage in prostitution.

Obviously we aren’t suggesting that PinkDate is in any way encouraging or promoting sex trafficking. But if all the people using the platform are doing so voluntarily, how the FUCK is it going to prevent sex trafficking?

And although they claim to be working on measures to identify coercion, what exactly are they going to do if they find it? Call the police? Unlikely since they need to remain anonymous in order to stay out of jail.

If PinkDate wasn’t disgusting enough, the fact that they claim to be “the only global commercial organization that will stand up for sex workers” when in fact they have no realistic means (or intent from what we’ve seen) officially qualifies them as human garbage in our book.

Our feelings for PinkDate are perfectly summarized in this image.


Our final Honest AF Rating on this project is a 0 –  Epic and total failure



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