ICObench: Fall Guy for the ICO Support Service Industry?

On April 24, 2018, we posted an article entitled ICObench Warmer. In that article, we showed how experts at ICO rating site ICObench inflated the ratings of projects they were advising. Since then, several more articles have appeared denouncing what we lovingly refer to as the ICObench "Top-Rated Expert Cabal."

Just like this. Minus (all) the guns. And the awesome hair. Wait a minute…  🤔 This is stupid. Whoever picked this image is so fired. 😤

We are happy to see founders as well as members of the ICO support service industry speaking out against corruption. And ICObench deserve much of the blame.

But not all of it. Not even close.

For us, ICObench was the most obvious example of corruption in the industry and a great way to start the conversation. But it is equally important that ICObench doesn’t simply become the "fall guy" for the real problem...

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